Editing and Post-Production Services

With our Editing and Post-Production Services, we can deliver wonderful and entertaining wedding videos to you.
We take your raw footage and transform it to a final product which you have only dreamed of being possible.
This is particularly beneficial if we are not available to cover your wedding or you simply want us to edit your wedding video filmed by someone else.

The process is easy:

• Make arrangements to have a Primary Videographer capture your wedding
• Request that the footage be stored on a portable hard drive
• Send us the portable hard drive

It is important that you have a copy of the portable hard drive in your possession. We are not responsible for portable hard drives lost or damaged in the mail.

Be sure you write “Media Mail – Do Not X-Ray” on the front and side of your package and pack carefully.

• Once we receive your portable hard drive, we will review and give you a call about your expectations
• At this point, we will give you a quote
• If you wish to proceed with our custom editing, we will send you a contract and require a non-refundable deposit.
• If you do not wish to proceed with our custom editing, we will mail back your portable hard drive (YOU WILL PAY FOR THE RETURN SHIPPING: No exceptions)

Note: Quoted Fees will be based on recording time and amount of post-production services i.e. color correction, color grading, audio enhancement and noise reduction and most importantly, it will be based on the length of the source material not final edited video.

Through our custom video editing process, we will omit any unnecessary footage from your video and rearrange the best shots into a wonderful wedding film. We will mold and weave the captured video and audio into a seamless experience.

For inquiries , send an e-mail to olu@lynksdrivers.com