Below are answers to some of our frequently asked questions

When will my DVD be ready?

We understand your eagerness to view the finished product but it is our goal to present you with an excellent video which will be completely unique. Depending on the footage covered, our target is to deliver within 6 – 8 weeks after your event.

Do we get the Raw Footage?

If you want the Raw Footage, you must provide us with a portable external hard drive no later than 7 days after your wedding. We do not provide Raw Footage on DVDs.

Will you interfere with our wedding?

During filming, we make efforts not to interrupt proceedings or get in the way. Our goal is to respect the space and experience of your guests on your wedding day as such, we make every effort to be discreet while filming and keep a low key throughout the event. If you are particular about this matter, feel free to contact us prior to your wedding day so we can accommodate your requests.

What time will you arrive at the bride’s location?

We arrive at the bride’s location prior to the bride getting her make up done. We prefer that the bride does not get in the wedding gown until we have had the opportunity to film the gown. We capture the preparations especially the beauty of the bride in her wedding gown, the bridesmaids’ dresses and flowers as they get ready. Of course, the groom is not left out as we capture the groom, his groomsmen and the crazy fun they have as they prepare for the wedding.

How do you get preparation shots if the bride and groom are staying at different locations?

If your selected package has 2 videographers, a videographer will be assigned to the bride and another to the groom. If your selected package has 1 Videographer, we will come up with alternative plans prior to your wedding.

Are we involved in the production of our wedding video?

Absolutely!!! As much as you want, you are welcome to give your input on the production from music choices to other preferences.

What if I have a special music I want in my wedding video?

No problem; just make sure we get a CD before your wedding

Will you shoot my bridal party or any guests at my reception who want to be on camera?

Yes. If there are specific requests for guest interviews , feel free to contact us prior to your wedding day so we can accommodate your requests

What is a Wedding Engagement Video Shoot?

This is a video shoot done prior to the wedding day .We love to schedule complimentary video shoots at casual locations like the park, shopping mall, historic centers and your home. This video will be romantic and will show the bride and groom outside their wedding day. Most couples often show these videos during their wedding reception.

What kind of attire will you wear at our wedding?

We wear formal attires at weddings and theme party attires per requests.

Will you travel?

We are willing to travel to your ceremony and although mileage and hotel charges may be added, most couples have agreed it was worth it. Package prices can vary, depending on price of airfares and accommodation during certain times of the year. Simply contact us for a detailed no-obligation quote.

What other information will you require from us?

Preparation is the key to making sure your day goes smoothly which is why we insist on meeting with all clients to go over the events of the their wedding. We understand that some events will be tentative but at the minimum, we need the following information

  • Ceremony Time/Location and Contact Information
  • Reception Time/Location and Contact Information
  • Hotel Location of the Bride and Groom for preparation shots
  • Does your venue have any restrictions on videography? Some churches do not allow video equipment on the premises and some do not allow it on the altar.
  • The contact information of your wedding planner

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